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Free guide for the silly season

Dec 21, 2020

It’s not called the silly season for nothing, which is why we have put together a free Social Events Action Guide to highlight the challenges with workplace gatherings.

Without putting a dampener on the celebration, tips include everything from reminding people what the alcohol policy is before the event, to making sure there is a plan to manage food and alcohol, and reviewing health and safety duties.

And while most gatherings pass without incident, unfortunately from time-to-time issues do arise that need to be addressed. The key is knowing what needs to be considered before taking action, and this is where the EMA can help.

Depending on the circumstance and the impact of an incident on the workplace, that might range from having a quiet word with an employee about their behaviour to a formal disciplinary action including dismissal. It is essential for businesses to get this right.

If you have any questions contact EMA AdviceLine, Consultants or Legal services for specific assistance.

Otherwise check out the online ad here, or download the EMA’s free Social Events Action Guide here.

Download now!

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