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Welcome to the EMA

29 Mar 2015
With over 100 years experience, EMA provides its members with free legal advice, quarterly market briefings, national wage and salary information, employment law guides, export opportunity, targeted business training and a voice for New Zealand business.

EMA is New Zealand's pre-eminent business Association and for over 100 years we have partnered with New Zealand businesses to help them grow, be confident, and seek out new networks and new markets.  We provide our members with a real competitive market advantage – they are better informed, able to engage with government, and the first to know about market trends and changes.  Being a part of the EMA community means access to free legal advice, quarterly market briefings, national wage and salary information, employment law guides, export opportunities, targeted business training, and the opportunity to be the voice of New Zealand business.

Your participation in the EMA is part of a much wider community:  We answer 40,000 calls a year and offer practical employment advice right there and then on the phone.  Over 9,500 people attend our update seminars annually – staying ahead of every business related legislative change.  Our members download over 56,000 employment guides from the EMA website each year – providing 125 easy to use guides on key legal topics.  Finally, over 10,000 people attend our training and events, including major national events such as Thrive International. 

Perhaps most importantly, EMA is part of the business landscape.  We have a long and credible history as a partner with the government in helping shape the business environment.  We are the voice of New Zealand business and we regularly contribute to improving the many rules and regulations that shape how you do business.  By being a part of the EMA community, you have a chance to change policy and influence the future of NZ Inc. 

We welcome your interest in our Association.  Please, take a look around our new website, talk to some of our key people, get involved in NZ Inc!

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