Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Recycling giants LanzaTech named ‘technology pioneer’

Recycling giants LanzaTech named ‘technology pioneer’

26 Oct 2020
LanzaTech biotech company founded in Auckland but with headquarters now in the US, has been recognised as "an industry-changing company" by the World Economic Forum - the latest in a string of global accolades.
The company joins 22 others worldwide in being named a "Technology Pioneer" for 2013 by the forum.
That means it is recognised as "an industry-changing company with the potential to transform the future of business and society".
Past recipients have included Twitter, blog search engine Technorati and Wikipedia parent the WikiMedia Foundation.
LanzaTech's technology uses bacteria to convert waste gases from industrial processes into ethanol and other chemicals, for instance, for biofuel.
Company chief executive Jennifer Holmgren said it had applied along with hundreds of technology companies. "The World Economic Forum is a really big deal. To have them say: ‘You guys are thought leaders' - that's really tremendous."
The recognition would help it strike partnerships and win investors, and boost New Zealand's credibility, she said.
LanzaTech said earlier this month that it had signed a deal with an American nylon producer to make bio-based butadiene, a chemical used in the production of synthetic rubber and various plastics.
Holmgren said it was targeting partnerships with large chemical companies.
The firm, founded in 2005 by Sean Simpson and Richard Forster and now headquartered in Illinois, raised US$55.8 million (NZ$69m) in funding from new investors in January and said it would use the cash to boost its research and development.
It had since hired about 25 new staff in Auckland, taking its R&D headcount there to about 90.
LanzaTech has also teamed up with big Chinese steel maker Baosteel and begun producing ethanol at a plant in Shanghai.
(Source: stuff.co.nz, August 29)

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