Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Best Workplace (according to staff): Overland Footwear!

Best Workplace (according to staff): Overland Footwear!

24 Feb 2019
EMA congratulates member company Overland Footwear for being awarded the overall winner and Best Large Workplace in the 2012 Kenexa Best Workplaces Survey.

The survey is run by recruitment and employee solutions​ company Kenexa (previously the JRA Best Places To Work programme) which invites employees of participating organisations to provide feedback about their workplaces.


Kenexa managing director Sanchia Yonge said employees in the best workplaces feel a great sense of common purpose from their leadership, and receiving good communication about goals.  "Employees know how they are tracking and are clear about what they need to do in order to support the organisation's success.”
She said enabling practices such as flexible working also help morale. Overland Footwear gives staff a $350 benefit for their health and well-being and they can spend it how they like - "This makes them feel well looked after.”

There are rewards for staff who step up. Shane Anselmi, CEO of Overland, told Yonge one of the reasons the company needed to go to Australia was to hold on to its talent and create opportunities for them, as well as providing new opportunities for growth.

Kenexa identified several key drivers of engagement among this year's Best Workplaces Survey. The most highly ranked driver of employee satisfaction was that people wanted to feel a sense of belonging at work.  "When you hire people for culture-fit then they feel really aligned to an organisation's values, they can be themselves and they have that authenticity day to day," said Yonge.


Another high ranking performance driver was that people want to have a sense of personal achievement at work and feel their contribution was valued. There's a difference between recognising and valuing an employee. "Recognition is typically tied to what we do - not who we are; while valuing is about acknowledging someone not merely for tasks, but for the deeper intrinsic worth they add to an organisation by just being there," she said.

Talking to employees about how their contributions make a difference, promote higher employee ratings of feeling valued.
Best workplace employers are much better at fostering innovation and involving people in decisions than others.​​​​​

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