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Jaychem Industries

26 Oct 2020
Three family members who proudly work well together are Paul and Richard Jancys and Katherine Samplonius at Jaychem Industries.

Along with company co-founder and Paul’s father Eduard Jancys they run a contract manufacturing company that is recognized for the manufacture of quality and innovative human and animal health pharmaceuticals.

Jaychem began in 1979 when, facing redundancy, brothers Eduard and the late Arunas Jancys began mixing up formulations at home in the garage. Since 1979 the business has continued to evolve and Jaychem now operates from a state of the art 30,000 sq ft premises in East Tamaki and employs more than 30 staff.

Says Paul: “The biggest change between the generations is that our fathers were ‘doers’ and spent a lot of time getting their hands dirty. They loved getting stuck in and seeing the results of their achievements.

“Now we look at the business from a broader perspective and hire people with the expertise and technical knowledge who can manage the production side while we focus on growing the business and new product development.”

Each family member has followed their own career path and came into the business at different ages and stages in their careers.

Katherine was the first to join after completing a BSc at the University of Auckland. With a young child she was able to balance the demands of home life with the opportunity to work and gain experience. Katherine was trained by her father Arunas Jancys who was well respected in the technical area of formulation.

Her brother Richard trained as an engineer and has a background in systems and processes.

Paul says, “This experience is invaluable in an industry such as ours which is totally focused on processes and quality.”

Paul’s background is accountancy and finance and he was the last to join the business, almost five years ago.

He says one area they all work on is business development. For a business like theirs this encompasses a lot of product development.

“When you consider what is actually involved in mass producing something it’s a miracle that anything gets made at all. Jaychem not only have to build relationships with our customers but we also have to get our suppliers on board as well.

“The New Zealand market isn’t large but we’re lucky to have some really good local and international suppliers who are simply fantastic to work with.

“Following the GFC we have come to agree that as long as the business is progressing in the right direction you have to be happy.”

There was a time during the global financial crisis (GFC) the company was carrying a lot of debt from the construction of its new plant.

“But we all recognized the problems and were prepared to face them. We sat down in the boardroom and came up with some great ideas to grow the business and to diversify our offering. Five years on the business is stronger than ever. We made some sacrifices  but the rewards in the long term have been more than worth it.”

The succession planning began in earnest following the death of co-founder Arunas Jancys in 2007. Jaychem recruited accountants and lawyers as advisors. The formal process of working through a shareholders’ agreement took a long time but eventually all parties were happy with the outcome.

“These sorts of documents are part of the foundation of the business and need to stand the test of time.”

The structure of the business, roles and expectations were also defined during this period and the concept of fairness was discussed and applied by the family members.

“Part of the concept of fairness extends to opportunity and it was recognized that any success is due to our collaboration. Working together as a team or as a family meant that we had to recognize the collaborative effort over the individual’s.

“Working for a corporate there is a lot of time spent on team building but when the ship takes on water it’s every man for himself. However, we’re all pulling on the same oar.”


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